As stated in the About page, I have been reborn into someone determined to create a ter world, one story at a time. It may look or sound different, whether it is business or personal or even a hobby, everyone has a story. That is what makes us beautiful and unique. The title of this blog is how I will tell my story and it is shaped by those around me. Thank you for those that read it and let’s create a better world together.

Wake Up

Time to wake up! Time to get moving! Time to do what must be done!

I have been hiding for far too long and now I must build myself up again. I have no choice but to succeed. There will be failures along the way but I can’t see them as anything more than learning experiences and part of my learning curve. I will build my vision and live my dreams. And I will have the strength to do so. It is time for me to move up and to move on from where I’m at in order to get to where I’m going and where I meant to be.


I can help

I can help

Build your dreams

Cast away the darkness

Do what is needed

I can help

In finding your way again

In doing what is required

Saving the day

I can help

But only from a distance

Until you’re done using me

Until I mean nothing to you

I must help

Myself be me again

To stop pretending I matter to you

And ensure that I matter to me

I need to focus on helping me

Because my helping others is taken conveniently


You are free

You are free

To be yourself

To make your own mistakes

To carry your burdens

To celebrate your victories

The world has become

Much bigger than you remember

But vision changes

When not seen with myopic eyes

So take a deep breath

And release it slowly

God smiles down on you

Good support surrounds you

Your true path lies ahead



A new day. Another majestic sunrise. Somehow, these rays of light make one forget about the bitter conditions. It’s as if God is smiling down on us.

With this beautiful sun rise, we are given the opportunity to start over and re-do the things we’ve done wrong while making a valiant effort to do what’s right. We are given this day and this day alone. Yesterday is the past and tomorrow is the future. One we have grown from and the other we will grow into so let’s take them for what they are and let’s take today for what we make it.



He sits there. Silent and sullen. Waiting for the morning to come. Even his own shadows haunt him at this time of night. The regrets of his unfinished works and the gauntlet of tasks that await him.

He stares at his computer screen expectantly. He waits for the words to come to him like a dog waiting for its owner to walk to through the door.

Writer’s block is hard.



No matter what season it is, the sky is always gray. Whether there’s snow on the ground or grass, the sky is gray almost all the time. It could be hot or cold. It could be prepping for snow storms or tornadoes. Regardless of the outcome, this guy is almost always gray here.

No sunshine would make anyone an asshole so in some ways I can get their doughy headed myopic view of things. At the same time, I don’t get it at all. I mean when you don’t see the sunshine provided, you have to create your own. Sometimes the good things aren’t handed to you. Sometimes you have to make them happen.